CITROEN C2, Urban Sportcar
This project was created as a promotional campaign for Citroen C2, the urban sportscar. Both “Eat Me” and “Kick Me” were shot in New York from a helicopter. The word size and shape were decided with guidance of 3D. In Photoshop all the photographic elements and textures where placed from the original buildings. A long search to find the perfect elements from the photographed archive. Lots of space had to be created and many existing buildings where moved to allow the words to be placed. This project was a big challenge to do and was absolutely groundbreaking. A classic series which today is still eye-catching.
Photography: Jaap Vliegenthart • Postproduction: Postworks Imaging • Agency: Euro RSCG Amsterdam
Citroen C2 "Eat Me" in and output movie created with Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya and Apple Motion.

Citroen C2 Eat ME, stills project buildup:

Citroen C2, Eat Me
3D guidance from Autodesk Maya software as a startup to rebuild in Photoshop the Manhattan Eat Me with as many original textures as possible.
Citroen C2, Eat Me - E Citroen C2, Eat Me Citroen C2, Eat Me Citroen C2, Eat Me
Step by step buildup to fill the letters E A T M E.
Because the roofstops are larger than the originals I used textures from my private collection to recreate the weathered roofs. Afterwards we had to check the extensive photographed 4x5 negatives archive photographed by Jaap Vliegenthart (100 pieces at least) in search of water tanks, heating systems, antennas and air conditioners to be placed on rooftops. Not too many of course otherwise readability on billboards would fade. Citroen C2, Eat Me

The base input:

Citroen C2, Eat Me Citroen C2, Eat Me Citroen C2, Eat Me

Citroen C2 Eat ME, rough sketch:

Citroen C2, Eat Me