Jan Stel - Postworks Imaging

From childhood on Jan Stel always feels the need to express creativity and it does not matter which tools are going to be used. In his early youth Stel was a pioneering artist, spraying Graffiti murals in the suburbs of Amsterdam. When this period was over he painted detailed drawings and realistic illustrations at home. Straight after he started to experiment with photography, first with analogue slides and negatives and later with the wide possibilities of hi-res digital camera’s. Around 1992 Stel started to Photoshop and with other digital programs as well, which he is doing up till today on master level.

If you want hi-skilled creative expressions with Photoshop, post production and photography (3D/CGI external) he is your man! Stel likes to take your project to the next level.

  • Jan Stel, Steel Giant XL
  • Jan Stel, Cooling Tower
  • Jan Stel, Horror Laboratory
  • Jan Stel, Whiskey illustration
  • Jan Stel, The masked truth
  • Jan Stel, Dragon graffiti spraycan