Jan Stel - Postworks Imaging

From childhood on Jan Stel always feels the need to express creativity and it does not matter which tools are going to be used. In his early youth Stel was a pioneering artist, spraying Graffiti murals in the suburbs of Amsterdam. When this period was over he painted detailed drawings and realistic illustrations at home. Today and for more then 15 years he photographs the Abandoned & Forgotten places of our time. Atmospheric places were time stands still and mankind has disappeared.

The keep active Jan does exercise 2 or 3 times a week and he tries to eat as healthy as possible. And he prefers a fresh mint tea instead of coffee.

  • Jan Stel, Steel Giant XL
  • Jan Stel, Cooling Tower
  • Jan Stel, Horror Laboratory
  • Jan Stel, Whiskey illustration
  • Jan Stel, The masked truth
  • Jan Stel, Dragon graffiti spraycan