By Hannelore vandenBussche

Why do we play games? That is the question Belgian photographer Hannelore Vandenbussche decided to explore, traveling to numerous countries to roam the world of sports, passion, athletic competition, transition, and emancipation. The athletes she portrays keep old traditions alive or carve out new territory, perform rituals, and celebrate with boisterous parties centered around their games.
Meet Buzkashi players astride their horses in Central Asia, Donga stick fighters in Ethiopia, Tarahumara runners in Mexico, big wave surfers in Nazaré,and many other athletes in these unusual sports. These unique photographs capture athletes from both indigenous cultures in remote parts of the globe and from familiar, Western cultures. They poignantly convey how old traditions are kept alive and new ones are carved out, how rites of passage, ritual, and celebration are all part of the culture of play.
The coffee table book showcases a hugely diverse range of sports from places as far-flung as Mongolia and Ethiopia, from jockeys in Dubai to kite fighters in Rio de Janeiro. This extraordinary book of photographs is dedicated to a subject that is being presented in an entirely new way.
Postworks Imaging has done the digital processing of the Human Playground book.
From converting the digital negatives, to retouching and the grading of colors and enhancing contrasts.
In which every country, or rather every sport has been given an appropriate identity in atmosphere.
The project was also realized with the support of Paul Roberts I Digital Artist.
Rene Bierman of Fine Art Prints provided the test prints and high-quality Fine Art Prints.
The photo series below are a small selection of personal fav's from the book.
More info about the Hannelore vandenBussche - Human Playground book can be found here ...