Catching greenery in the neighborhood.
The idea behind Van Grauw naar Groen is to convey the contagious nature of greenery to consumers and to encourage them to buy outdoor plants. Not only for their own balcony or garden, but also for the "shared" public spaces: facades, parks, roof terraces and streets. A concept that fits seamlessly with the current zeitgeist and the need for more greenery. Greenery makes you happy, dissipates summer heat and collects excess rainwater. But green does more. By making your environment greener, together with neighbors, you get to know other local residents, make new contacts and therefore feel (even) more at home in your living environment. This counteracts loneliness in the neighborhood and improves the mental and physical health of residents.
According to the concept we created a space in the Allard Studios (Amsterdam) to cover buildings with plants. We have photographed these selected plants exactly in the stand of the buildings. No 3D was involved other than pure photography. After which the massive yob with lot's of "plant-based" post-production began.
Post Production: Jan Stel, Photography: Jeroen Hofman, Agency: Hazazah, Client: Bloemenbureau