Lloyds Pharmacy
This project was created for Lloyds Pharmacy. The client asked to create these scenes where certain vegetables looked like pieces of fruit. We decided that the texts could be created from that vegetable as well. The texts were handwritten while the vegetable texts were all created in CG. The peeler was also created in CG.
Photography: Edo Kars • Postproduction/CGI-3D: Postworks Imaging (Luminous CI) • Agency: Havas Worldwide Düsseldorf • Client: Lloyds Pharmacy

Lloyds Pharmacy, sketch and details:

Lloyds Pharmacy, tomato Lloyds Pharmacy, tomato detail 01 Lloyds Pharmacy, tomato detail 02
lloyds Pharmacy, Tomatoes provide more anti oxidants than apples.
Lloyds Pharmacy, potato Lloyds Pharmacy, potato detail 01 Lloyds Pharmacy, potato detail 02
lloyds Pharmacy, Potatoes contain more potassium than Bananas.
Lloyds Pharmacy, pepper Lloyds Pharmacy, pepper sketch
lloyds Pharmacy, Bell Peppers give you more vitamine C than Apples.
Publication in Lürzer's Archive
Publication in Lürzer's Archive.