Shaun White
This image was created as part of a promotional campaign for the game "Shaun White Skateboarding". All of the original skyscrapers that needed ramps have been replaced with 3D ones that have been torn of at the bottom and curled up. The visual was shot by Photographer Jaap Vliegenthart on the very edge of the rooftop and where created from various photographic inputs. The CG buildings were then integrated into Photoshop. After integration extensive retouche and stitching was done and for the finishing touch a specific stylish grading. The campaign is made when working in a active era at Souverein, which sadly went bankrupt in 2015.
Photography: Jaap Vliegenthart • Postproduction/CGI-3D: Postworks Imaging (Luminous CI) • Agency: Cutwater San Fransisco

Shaun White Skatebaording, detailled close-ups:

Shaun White Skateboarding Shaun White close-up Shaun White close-up Shaun White close-up

Shaun White Skatebaording CGI/3D files:

Shaun White CGI/3D Shaun White CGI/3D Shaun White CGI/3D