Postworks Imaging - Jan Stel
Hi-quality Photoshop, Post Production & mixed media at your service!
Stel specializes in image manipulation for photographers, advertising agencies and artists. His focus is not only commercial post production but on artistic photography as well. For complex and difficult projects he can be an aid to the photographic process as an photoshop sketcher on location. Stel his professional and experienced guidance is tailor-made for each project. From brainstorms on how to approach a difficult shoot to the finishing of projects in post. His creative vision and experienced photographic eye for details will make the best out of your creative projects. Visualizations that come to life with creativity and mastership.
Sometimes the combination of pixel illustrating and CGI/3D is necessary to merge the ingredients into one whole. Jan Stel is also having connections with specialists in photography, light and studio. These visual specialists can create any light situation or scene to be photographed and they have extensive experience with equipment rental.